Chris Buzelli is something of a modern day Hieronymus Bosch.  His paintings and illustrations often depict a future where the hubris and self-destructive tendencies of civilization have ruinous results.  Bosch warned against sexual immorality and sin and its devastating consequences in the afterlife in his colorful, whimsical, and horrific paintings.  Buzelli is more concerned with the environmental and social consequences of our actions.  In an illustration called “China’s Ignorance” for Global Brief Magazine, Buzelli takes on the topic of over-fishing and the consumption of resources; in another illustration called “Toxic Secrets,” a demon is depicted as having a smog-spewing factory for a head.  Like Bosch, his colorful palette and playful characters belie the dark messages being conveyed.  Buzelli’s work can be seen in exhibitions, publications, books, and advertisements throughout the world.

Children Shall Inherit the Earth by Chris Buzelli

M-44 Wolves by Chris Buzelli

China's Ignorance by Chris Buzelli

Harbinger by Chris Buzelli

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-Jayme Catalano