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Artist Amy Friend often explores the connection between the past and present, her ancestors and herself.  In her Dare alla Luce series, she has taken vintage photographs and brought them to life with small pinholes of light.  The effect on the figures is apparitional, a reminder of our own mortality and transience.  Friend says, “I aimed to give the photographs back to the light, hence the title of the series, Dare alla Luce, an Italian phrase used to describe the moment of birth.”

Afterglow by Amy Friend, 2012

What is done in the darkness, will be be brought to the light by Amy Friend, 2012

Latent light by Amy Friend, 2012

We are a tablet of wax by Amy Friend, 2012

For more information on the artist and her Dare alla Luce series, click here.

-Jayme Catalano

New York based Kumiya Mashita is a shadow artist, juxtaposing tactile objects with ghostlike shadow forms.  The effect is something out of an art house horror movie or a fever dream.  Her illusions emerge from the darkness, deliberately carved wood and carefully placed illumination forming the basis of her installations.  Called a “magician of shadow” in her native Japan, Mashita also creates intricate portraits using unconventional techniques:  in one work, she has removed strategic threads from woven cloth to create a detailed portrait of a young boy.

Chair, 2010. By Kumi Yamashita.

Seated Figure, 2008. Kumi Yamashita.

Warp and Weft (Mana), 2007. Kumi Yamashita.

Visit for more information.  Watch this video about her work.