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In his Art Remixed series, artist Gary Andrew Clarke has taken well-known pieces of art and “distilled, reduced and remixed” them into approximately 200 exact circles of color.  The resulting collection is a bold riff on pointillism that would make Seurat green with envy.  A native of the United Kingdom, Clarke often goes by the “pen” name Graphic Nothing.

'Marilyn Monroe,' 'Mona Lisa,' and 'The Son of Man' by Gary Andrew Clarke.

You can purchase a Giclee print at Some Prints.  Find out more about the artist at
-Jayme Catalano

Inspired by Anna Utopia Giordano’s ‘Venus’ project, I decided to apply today’s standard of beauty to Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa.  I plumped her lips, made her eyes larger, slimmed and elongated her neck, trimmed her double chin, hands and arms, and removed the bags under her eyes.

Mona Lisa after a Photoshop transformation.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Dove Evolution video illustrates the extent of Photoshop in advertising today.

-Jayme Catalano