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Lee Jung is a rare combination of poet and visual artist.  Her C-type photographs often feature large, neon poems against a serene natural environment.  In the work “To Death,” the neon words read, “With my soul in your eyes to eternity as you are inside me at first sight your name I swear take my all thinking of you to death.”  Her statements are often political and many of the photographs are taken on the border of North Korea.  Jung was educated at the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom and was recently featured in the “Chaotic Harmony” photography exhibition at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.  You can view more of her work here.

To Death by Jung Lee, 2010

Why? by Jung Lee, 2010

How Could You Do This To Me by Jung Lee, 2010

I Still Remember by Jung Lee, 2010

My Heart is Yours by Jung Lee, 2010

-Jayme Catalano

Ran Hwang, a Korean born artist based in New York, creates large scale art installations using only clothing notions.  Buttons and thread are connected and anchored to thousands of pins hammered into the wall.  Hwang wishes to suggest “connections between human beings and a communication network between seemingly unlinked human experiences.  The filled negative space in the absence of the positive space suggests mortality at the heart of self-recognition.”  Her work has taken the minutiae and ephemera of “a woman’s work” and transformed it into daring, aggressive, and beautiful works of thoroughly liberated art.

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-Jayme Catalano