Ironically, the popularity of digital apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram have revitalized the near corpse that was instant analog film technology.  Located in Holland, the last remaining Polaroid production plant has been purchased and resuscitated by 10 former employees who shared a passion and a dream to save instant film from extinction.  Calling it the Impossible Project, they prevented 300,000 perfectly functioning cameras from becoming obsolete while inventing and producing totally new instant film for use in traditional Polaroid cameras.  Starting from scratch as Polaroid color dyes are no longer available, the team had one year to devise a functional film system.  Several different silver tone and color films were the result of thousands of laboratory hours and decades of joined experience.  Original Polaroid cameras and Impossible film are available for purchase on the company website and in stores throughout the US.

Flow by JL Pictures

Lunchtime Escapade by Doruk C. Yamac

Happy to be COOL by Ashley D. Saldana

-Jayme Catalano