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Trained in landscape architecture and urban planning and a self-taught screen printer, Todd Stewart works by printing identical images many times withing a given space until a composition emerges.  The pieces are built “by exposing the control and precision of illustration to the unpredictability and chance inherent to the printmaking process.”  His Cityscape series explores the landscape of both well-known and obscure cities; most are places Stewart has not physically visited.  “I am acutely aware of how construction -with regards to both structure and meaning-informs my work.  These abstract land and cityscapes embody both serenity and instability, resulting in dreamlike tension from which subjective narratives can be born.  Working from a base of imagery culled internally-from memory, dreams, past experience-and externally-from my immediate surroundings-I create pieces that consciously allow for open interpretation and multiple perspectives.”  The works “reflect a search for meaning in unfamiliar landscapes.”  Stewart’s work is available online at his Etsy shop.

Bogota by Todd Stewart

Accra by Todd Stewart

Moscow by Todd Stewart

For more information on the artist, visit his website or his Etsy store.

-Jayme Catalano


Web and graphic designer Seth Hardie recently posted the accidental creative process behind an image he created.  Hardie used his iPhone, the Grid Lens app and the Image Blender app to layer several images together.  Visit his blog here to read about the process behind this image:

Image by Seth Hardie

-Jayme Catalano