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Steven Womack creates bold graphic prints that evoke the vibrancy of nature in motion.  He has partnered with Society6 to offer his work as skins and covers for iPhones, iPads, and laptops.  The images are also available in more traditional printed formats.

Circular Motion by Steven Womack

Scales by Steven Womack

Visit Womack’s website for more information on the artist.  Visit Society6 for more information on purchasing.

-Jayme Catalano

The artwork of David Ball appeals to my inner, frightened child.  Reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, his works are surrealistic, uncanny, and haunting.  His creatures, simultaneously cute and grotesque, repel and fascinate.  When I first viewed them at, I was fascinated by this artist and I immediately wanted to know more about the brain behind these twee ghouls and their other worlds.  San Francisco based director and photographer Shaun Roberts made a short and fascinating documentary exploring Ball’s attempt to “process feelings about the tenuous nature of relationships” and the motivation behind the work.

David Ball — Moving Towards Light from Shaun Roberts on Vimeo.

Please visit David.Ball.Net for more information.

-Jayme Catalano