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Stephan Balleux’s edgy sculpture ‘Bullet Proof’s Anatomy’ challenges our notions of infallibility and invulnerability, mocking modern technology’s promise of safety and order.  Nothing is bullet proof, nothing is invincible; no matter how we comfort ourselves with Kevlar, we are mortal and we will die.  And yet the skull is dripping in cheerful, vibrant, beautiful colors, as though to remind us that there is beauty in fragility.  A Belgian artist based in Germany, Balleux was recently the artist in residence at WARDLOW in Australia.

Bullet Proof's Anatomy by Stephan Balleux

For more information, visit Stephan Balleux’s website.

-Jayme Catalano

New York based Kumiya Mashita is a shadow artist, juxtaposing tactile objects with ghostlike shadow forms.  The effect is something out of an art house horror movie or a fever dream.  Her illusions emerge from the darkness, deliberately carved wood and carefully placed illumination forming the basis of her installations.  Called a “magician of shadow” in her native Japan, Mashita also creates intricate portraits using unconventional techniques:  in one work, she has removed strategic threads from woven cloth to create a detailed portrait of a young boy.

Chair, 2010. By Kumi Yamashita.

Seated Figure, 2008. Kumi Yamashita.

Warp and Weft (Mana), 2007. Kumi Yamashita.

Visit for more information.  Watch this video about her work.

Wormholes, vivisection, microscopic patterns in nature, and “the overlooked potential of common things” form the inspiration behind artist Jen Stark’s intricate sculptures from paper and wood.  She strives to create intricate, complex creations that reveal “how remarkable common materials can become.”  Stark first began using paper at a time when other art supplies were out of her financial reach; paper was simply the least expensive option with the most potential.  Relying on precision, mathematics, and extensive planning, the sculptures are time-intensive and involved.  A solo exhibition of Stark’s work is scheduled for March 2 at the Lazardies gallery in London.

Over and Out

Microscopic Entrance


For more information, please visit,, or Juxtapose Magazine.

-Jayme Catalano