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Salvador Dali once said, “The hand of the chimpanzee is quasi-human; the hand of Jackson Pollock is totally animal.”  Whether done for fundraising purposes, research, or for entertainment, zoos throughout the world have long placed human art supplies and tools in the hands, trunks and paws of their wards; the resulting works resemble modern art to some, childish scribbling to many, and fine art to others.  There is evidence that monkeys were painting in the 17th century, although the art wasn’t given much attention until the emergence of the modern art movement.  Elephants are particularly suited to it: picking up sticks is a natural behavior.  Dolly, an Asian Elephant and a resident of the Denver zoo, regularly creates splashy canvases that are auctioned off for as much as $1400.  The Grant Museum of Zoology in London is currently exhibiting a collection of artwork done by animals.

For more information, please visit BBC News, the Telegraph, or the Denver Zoo.

Always enigmatic, UK based painter HUSH is known for blending traditional Eastern art motifs with contemporary Western styles including graffiti, action painting, and pop art.  Hush’s creations are recognizable for their focus on serene female figures set among a cacophony of graphics, writing, and bright color.  His method includes, “letting the canvas and marks take their own path.”  New Works by HUSH is currently on exhibit at the 941Geary gallery in San Francisco.

New Works by HUSH

Please visit and HushStudio for more information.

-Jayme Catalano

Sifting through the boatloads of visual information stored on the intertubes today, I came across the artwork of John Squire.  Best known for his recently re-united Britpop band The Stone Roses,  Squire is also highly collectable painter.  Working in the mixed media of ink and oil, Squire’s works bring to mind the elaborate mosaics of Islamic mosques.  Often titled with names of well-known figures of popular culture, Squire chooses his subjects based on their place “in the history of phenomena” of fame and celebrity.  Ranging from Harry Houdini to Rihanna, Squire has “tried to select a broad range of personalities and not just reflect my tastes.”  His work was  most recently exhibited at The Idea Generation Gallery in London.

John Squire's ink and oil paintings. From top left, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Josef Fritzl, Woody Allen, Self Portrait. Images courtesy of

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-Jayme Catalano

I recently became aware of Andy Warhol’s Rorschach paintings.  Completed toward the end of his career, they are a stark departure from the celebrity focused screen prints he is most closely associated with.  As Mia Fineman has said in Magazine, they “have the kind of star quality that Warhol always admired. Liquid, protean and seductively vacant, they reflect your own desires and fantasies right back at you.”  A large collection of Andy Warhol’s work is currently on exhibit at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Paintings from Andy Warhol's Rorschach series. Clockwise from left, image courtesy of,, and

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-Jayme Catalano