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Chris Cunningham has staged the world’s first “Laser Fueled Robo-Sex Ballet,” Jaqapparatus1.  He began his career sculpting prosthetics, contributing to films like Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, and A.I.  He went on to redefine MTV in the 1990s, creating seminal music videos for Bjork, Madonna, and Aphex Twin.  After realizing that creating music videos for other artist’s music could be incredibly limiting, Cunningham began creating his music and accompanying videos, employing all the tricks of the trade he had mastered while working in the special effects industry, an effort which culminated in a series of live audio-visual performances in Japan and Europe.  His first installation, Jaqapparatus1, is currently on exhibition at Audi City London.  Two laser-firing robots engage in a brutal, almost sexual dance on a shadowy, sci-fi set.  Comprised of two Talos motion-controlled camera rigs, Cunningham mounted powerful lasers which the robots use to “attack, repel, and communicate with each other, a kind of duel, a surreal mating display which sees each machine trying to dominate the other.”  Watch the video below for a glimpse of the Robo-Sex Ballet.

VIDEO:  Jaqappartus1 for Audi City London

-Jayme Catalano

Sifting through the boatloads of visual information stored on the intertubes today, I came across the artwork of John Squire.  Best known for his recently re-united Britpop band The Stone Roses,  Squire is also highly collectable painter.  Working in the mixed media of ink and oil, Squire’s works bring to mind the elaborate mosaics of Islamic mosques.  Often titled with names of well-known figures of popular culture, Squire chooses his subjects based on their place “in the history of phenomena” of fame and celebrity.  Ranging from Harry Houdini to Rihanna, Squire has “tried to select a broad range of personalities and not just reflect my tastes.”  His work was  most recently exhibited at The Idea Generation Gallery in London.

John Squire's ink and oil paintings. From top left, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Josef Fritzl, Woody Allen, Self Portrait. Images courtesy of

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-Jayme Catalano