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San Francisco artist Dave Young V explores a militarized, anarchist, post-apocalyptic future in his large format paintings, drawings, and three dimensional works.  In addition to the graphic pen and ink drawings he is known for, he re-appropriates elements for the three-dimensional works including automatic rifles, helmets, a fully-functional flame thrower, ammo boxes and even a full-size automobile (a collaboration with artist Eddie Colla).  Young V says that the name of his upcoming exhibition, “The New Race,” is “more of an implication to allow the viewer’s mind to wander into the possibilities of not only where we may be going as a society or culture but also as a species.  My work as always worked on the loose premise of a ‘post-apocalyptic’ world.  Each installment thus far has been an exploration of people, languages and aesthetic of that world.  ‘The New Race’ will continue in that vein, only stepping further into the implications of genetic engineering, cloning, human reproduction, the biological fusion of technology as a natural part of our evolution, and question notions of racial and cultural identity in this new hypothetical world.”  The exhibition opens at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco on Saturday, January 12th and continues through February 2nd.  You can find more information about the artist here and at the gallery website.


Dave Young V


Untitled 11 by Dave Young V


Dave Young V


WP1 by Dave Young V


MML-4 by Dave Young V

-Jayme Catalano

In his Map Works series, Dallas-based artist Matthew Cusick has created intricate collages out of maps and acrylic paint.  Echoing traditional Japanese woodcuts in some and Lucian Freud in others, the images depict people and the natural world through the harsh lines and bold colors of maps.  It is almost as though humanity’s attempts to capture and illustrate the complexity of Earth with a series of spheres, borders, and grids is being reflected back as a truly futile mission.  For more information on the artist, please visit his website.

Bonnie, 2004 by Matthew Cusick

The Rachel’s Wave, 2011 by Matthew Cusick

Shauna, 2011 by Matthew Cusick

Fiona’s Wave, 2005 by Matthew Cusick

-Jayme Catalano

With spring upon us, so, too, is the question of how best to appoint and decorate our outdoor living spaces.  Artist Tiffany Drage of Newport Beach offers an elegant and beautiful solution:  living pictures made of colorful succulents.  Perfect for small areas and blank vertical walls, her succulent wall art is a low maintenance alternative to traditional potted plants and a way to bring a feeling of refinement to the great outdoors.  If you are more inclined toward DIY, see Sunset Magazine’s excellent instruction guide to creating your own.

Vertical succulent wall art by Tiffany Drage

Succulent wall art by Tiffany Drage

To purchase a bespoke original by Tiffany Drage, visit her Etsy store front TiffanysLivingArt.

In his Mixed Media collection, L.A. based artist Alex Gross found vintage portraits and re-imagined the Victorians as superheroes and villains.  The crazy costumes notwithstanding, the effect contemporizes the solemn faces of Civil War veterans, society matrons, and school boys with our modern, pop-culture obsessed world.  I’ve always felt remorse for the long-forgotten people in those discarded photographs in the bins of dusty antiques stores but now at least some of them have been rescued from obscurity.  Gross has released a book called Now and Then: The Cabinet Card Paintings, available on Amazon, that includes photos of the original images before their transformations.

Mordo by Alex Gross

Peter by Alex Gross

Scarlet Witch by Alex Gross

Max by Alex Gross

For more information, please visit the artist’s website.

-Jayme Catalano



Artist Anne Lindberg’s string drawings bring to mind supernatural, phantasmal matter floating peacefully and brilliantly in mid-air.  She creates sculptures and drawings that she calls “systemic and non-representational…subtle, rhythmic, abstract, and immersive.”  Lindberg utilizes shifts in layering, tool, and material to create tonal passages that resonate with primal human conditions:  goodwill, anxiety, fear, security, self-protection, sexuality, gravity, and compulsive behaviors.  Her string installations are constructed using thousands of individual strands of Egyptian cotton thread and staples.  View the time lapse video of her recent installation “Drawn Pink” in Placemakers at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art.

Drawn Pink (2012) by Anne Lindberg

Drawn Pink (2012) by Anne Lindberg

For more information on the artist, visit her website.

-Jayme Catalano

Dutch painter Kees Goudzwaard’s paintings  are meticulously planned, smooth-surfaced oil paintings exploring geometric forms neatly arranged and connected by tape.  After first working on a paper, foil, and tape prototype, he reproduces the model in thin, even layers of oil paint.  The three-dimensional effect is the result of “multiplicity and accumulation of shapes rather than lines.”  Simplistic and yet extremely complicated in their composition, the paintings explore the idea of fragility, futility, and the minutia of everyday life.   A book, Kees Goudzwaard-Provisional Space, is currently available for purchase through the artist’s website.

Shielded (2008) by Kees Goudzwaard

Lightweight (2009) by Kees Goudzwaard

Range (2011) by Kees Goudzwaard

Photograpm (2009) by Kees Goudzwaard

-Jayme Catalano

Artist Amy Friend often explores the connection between the past and present, her ancestors and herself.  In her Dare alla Luce series, she has taken vintage photographs and brought them to life with small pinholes of light.  The effect on the figures is apparitional, a reminder of our own mortality and transience.  Friend says, “I aimed to give the photographs back to the light, hence the title of the series, Dare alla Luce, an Italian phrase used to describe the moment of birth.”

Afterglow by Amy Friend, 2012

What is done in the darkness, will be be brought to the light by Amy Friend, 2012

Latent light by Amy Friend, 2012

We are a tablet of wax by Amy Friend, 2012

For more information on the artist and her Dare alla Luce series, click here.

-Jayme Catalano

The Compound Gallery in San Francisco has an answer to the ubiquitous wine and produce subscription services:  art subscription!  Just like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), subscribers answer a few questions about their likes/dislikes and how often they’d like to receive their $50 deliveries.  Instead of organic produce, however, they receive artwork in a variety of mediums by Bay Area artists.  Featured artists have included ceramicists, print makers, painters, etc.

A recent subscriber box containing work by Jeanne Lorenz.

Visit Art in a Box to sign up.  Click here for more work by Jeanne Lorenz.

-Jayme Catalano

New York based Kumiya Mashita is a shadow artist, juxtaposing tactile objects with ghostlike shadow forms.  The effect is something out of an art house horror movie or a fever dream.  Her illusions emerge from the darkness, deliberately carved wood and carefully placed illumination forming the basis of her installations.  Called a “magician of shadow” in her native Japan, Mashita also creates intricate portraits using unconventional techniques:  in one work, she has removed strategic threads from woven cloth to create a detailed portrait of a young boy.

Chair, 2010. By Kumi Yamashita.

Seated Figure, 2008. Kumi Yamashita.

Warp and Weft (Mana), 2007. Kumi Yamashita.

Visit for more information.  Watch this video about her work.

Ran Hwang, a Korean born artist based in New York, creates large scale art installations using only clothing notions.  Buttons and thread are connected and anchored to thousands of pins hammered into the wall.  Hwang wishes to suggest “connections between human beings and a communication network between seemingly unlinked human experiences.  The filled negative space in the absence of the positive space suggests mortality at the heart of self-recognition.”  Her work has taken the minutiae and ephemera of “a woman’s work” and transformed it into daring, aggressive, and beautiful works of thoroughly liberated art.

For more information, visit

-Jayme Catalano