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Artist Gesine Marwedel creates wonderful optical illusions with her body paintings.  Using masterful painting techniques in coordination with photography and lighting, she transforms beautiful women into landscapes and creatures.  In one image, she has created the illusion of a pink flamingo; in another, she has superimposed a desert landscape onto undulating curves.  A practicing occupational therapist based in Germany, Marwedel also works in more traditional and lasting mediums.

Gesine Marwedel

For more of the work, please visit Gesine Marwedel’s website.

-Jayme Catalano

Painter and photo stylist Mirabai Wagner transforms the bodies of models into other-worldly creatures using body paint, jewels, and very little else.  Her recent Permafrost Collaboration with photographer  Kurt Lawson has resulted in elegant, dynamic and unforgettable images.  Normally associated with R-rated parties at the Playboy Mansion, body painting has been elevated to a new level.

An image from the forthcoming Permafrost Collaboration. Styling/body painting by Mirabai Wagner, photography by Kurth Lawson, model Devin Willow.

Visit Mirabai Design for more information on Mirabai Wagner.  Visit PhotoVogue for more information on Kurt Lawson.  Visit Tumblr for more information on Devin Willow.

-Jayme Catalano