Dutch painter Kees Goudzwaard’s paintings  are meticulously planned, smooth-surfaced oil paintings exploring geometric forms neatly arranged and connected by tape.  After first working on a paper, foil, and tape prototype, he reproduces the model in thin, even layers of oil paint.  The three-dimensional effect is the result of “multiplicity and accumulation of shapes rather than lines.”  Simplistic and yet extremely complicated in their composition, the paintings explore the idea of fragility, futility, and the minutia of everyday life.   A book, Kees Goudzwaard-Provisional Space, is currently available for purchase through the artist’s website.

Shielded (2008) by Kees Goudzwaard

Lightweight (2009) by Kees Goudzwaard

Range (2011) by Kees Goudzwaard

Photograpm (2009) by Kees Goudzwaard

-Jayme Catalano