Until Olan Mills and the ubiquitous awkward family photography (click here),individuals commissioned painters to create an image for their mantlepiece, hallway, or grand lodge.  Those portraits, whether a formal oil painting of royalty or a child with his beloved dog, communicate something of their time and place and the personality of the subjects.  And unlike a flimsy photography, they are a lasting investment nearly guaranteed heirloom status, or at least the corner of a dusty antiques store.  Unfortunately, the art of portrait painting has somewhat declined in the last one hundred years.  Napa Valley artist Cathryne Trachok, a former illustrator and commercial artist, is out to change that.  Influenced by artists such as John Singer Sargent, Rembrandt, and Winslow Homer, Trachok creates contemporary portraits in a very classic way.  She calls art “communication across cultures, time and experiences” and creates quality, lasting pieces of art accessible to everyone, not just someone with a beach house in the Hamptons.  Visit her website to learn more about her work and commissioning a portrait for yourself.

Blue Scarf Brown Hair by Cathyrne Trachok

Rick by Cathyrne Trachok

The History Major by Cathyrne Trachok

Canary Public Relations is pleased to announce that they are representing Cathryne Trachok of  C.A. Trachok Studios.

-Jayme Catalano