Stop me if you’ve heard this story before:  a 25-year-old eBay entrepreneur acquires a boxful of film negatives, develops the negatives and in so doing discovers a brilliant but obscure and heretofore unknown artist.  John Maloof did just that in 2007, uncovering the work of Vivian Maier while searching for street scenes of Chicago for a book project he was working on.  After crowd sourcing the internet for feedback on the work, he decided to pursue an exhibition.  Mr. Maloof is now in possession of more than 100,000 negatives and several hundred rolls of film.  More than 12,000 negatives and 70 homemade movies are in the hands of another Maier collector, Jeff Goldstein.  An exhibition was staged at the Chicago Cultural Center last January and a documentary on Vivian Maier is in development.

Vivian Maier, courtesy of

Images taken by Vivian Maier including a self-portrait, bottom middle. Courtesy of

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-Jayme Catalano