The artist commonly known as Weegee was an expert at Photoshopping, more than forty years before the software was invented.  We are so used to seeing dramatically airbrushed and digitally manipulated imagery that an image such as Weegee’s “Marilyn Monroe” seems unremarkable until we remember that he was doing this manually, without the aid of computer software.  That he could turn a beautiful movie star into a character from Dr. Seuss’ Who-ville without the Liquify filter is nothing short of amazing.  Weegee employed a variety of techniques while creating his Distortions, using curved glass or translucent paper during enlargement or boiling or melting the negatives to achieve the effect he was after.

"Marilyn Monroe" by Weegee was created in 1960 using analog film distortion techniques. The photos at top right and bottom were manipulated using the Liquify filter in Adobe Photoshop.