10492062_10154326950705237_2906088444357064083_nJayme Catalano 

Art that has moved me: Francesco Clemente, John Singer Sargent, Richard Avedon, Caravaggio, Seraphine Louis, Frida Kahlo

I crave: Brussels sprouts, kale, beets, curry and gingerbread

My evil twin is: Carnivorous and fur-wearing

Person who knows me best: My husband

I love:  Cooking, my little dog Pippy, beaches, adventures in Europe, whiskey sours with fresh lemon juice, letterpress, Northern New Mexico, mid-century modern, fashion design, Hawaii, and my husband

You couldn’t pay me enough to: Skydive

My favorite form of play: Dancing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I am inspired by art that: Captures the complexity of the human experience

I am at my best when: I have a creative challenge or project to tackle

Completely outrageous thing I would like to own: A sanctuary for farm animals, horses and dogs